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1._____he will come to the meeting or not is not clear.
A.Whether        B.If        C.That        D.What
2._____John will go to attend the meeting remains a question.
A.Whether        B.If        C.As         D.What
3._____Wang Peng isn’t good at math is obvious.
  A.Whether        B.If        C.That        D.What
4._____will take part in the physics contest will be announced at tomorrow’s meeting.
  A.Who           B.Whom    C.That        D.Which
5.They had lost their way in the forest,and _____made matter worse was that it began to snow.
  A.whatever        B.it        C.what         D.which
6._____the child formed the habit of smoking made his mother angry.
  A.Whether        B.If        C.That         D.What
7._____ the experiment will be carried out is not known.
  A.Whether        B.If        C.That         D. /
8.They have decided to go on a trip to the Great Wall,but____they are to do so hasn’t been made clear yet.
  A.whether         B.when      C.where      D.what
9.It hasn’t been decided_____the talk on healthy food will be given.
  A.when and whether   B.where and whom   C.when and where     D.where and if        
10._____is his own decision_____he’ll enter himself for the math contest.
  A.It,whether or not    B.That,whether       C.This,if            D.There,when 
11.It’s not yet clear _____of those will be chosen to do the job.
  A.that         B.whom       C.which        D.whose
12._____is a fact_____English is being accepted as an international language.
  A.It,that         B.That,that       C.It,which        D.As,that
13.It worried her a bit_____her hair was turning grey.
  A.while          B.that           C.if             D.for
14.It makes no difference_____Jim will come to the party.
  A.that           B.what          C.whether        D.When
15._____certain that his invention will lead to the development of production.
  A.That’s         B.This is         C.It’s            D.What’s
16._____that there is another good harvest this year.
  A.It says         B.It is said       C.It was said       D.He was said
17._____still needs to be discussed.
  A.How is the plan to be carried out    B.How the plan is to be carried out
C.Why is the plan carried out         D.Why the plan carried out
18._____is unknown to us all.
  A.Where did she put it   B.Where she put it   C.That where she put   D.What he has done has
19._____nothing to do with us.
  A.What he did is   B.What he has done is    C.What did he do has    D.What he has done has
20.How close parents are to their children_____a great effect on the character of the children.
  A.have            B.has          C.having          D.to have
21.What he says and what he does_____agree with the fact.
  A.are             B.doesn’t       C.don’t            D.didn’t
1.I don’t doubt_____he can finish the work on time.
  A.whether          B.that           C.what           D.why
2.We don’t doubt_____he will succeed in the research work.
  A.that             B.whether        C.how            D.what
3.He had come to know_____was making trouble when the teacher was away.
  A.that who         B.whether who    C.who            D.whoever
4.He is thinking_____he can spend less money to get more goods.
A.how            B.about           C.what           D.if or not
5.I found_____strange that she didn’t show any interest in English.
  A.that             B.what           C.it              D.which
6.—I don’t like your attitude.   ---I don’t care_____.
  A.if or not you like it  B.whether you like it or not   C.do you like it or not   D.that you like it or not
7.—Does Mary know where her guitar is? ---She saw somebody walking off with one,but she doesn’t know_____.
  A.it               B.whose          C. who           D.whom
8.We were warned_____the journey would be dangerous.
  A.if               B.whether        C.how            D.that
9.A computer can only do_____you have instructed it to do.
  A.How            B.after           C.what            D.when
10.You must give the wallet back_____it belongs to.
  A.to whom         B.to one          C.whom           D.the person
11.It depends on_____we have enough time.
  A.if               B.if or not        C.that             D.whether
12.The fire destroyed_____was in the building.
  A.all              B.what           C.that             D.which
13.I know nothing about her but_____she is from Canada.
  A.how             B.when          C.that             D.why
14.You will know_____are the same.
  A.which of those birds   B.what of those birds    C. why of those birds   D.how of those birds
15.I doubt_____is a doctor.
  A.who if you        B.which of you         C.whom of you         D.whoever of you
16.He often think of_____he can do more for his country.
  A.what             B.how          C.that             D.which
17.The true value of life is not in_____.
A.which we get,and what gives us              B.what we get,but what we give
C.which we get,and what we give              D.how we get,but that we give
18.Your choice of a restaurant depends on_____it has a good service and_____to eat.
A.if,what you like  B.whether,what you like  C.that,what do you like    D.where,whether you like                 
19.The chief foods eaten in any country depend largely on______best in its climate ane soil.
A.it grows        B.what grows       C.does it grow        D.what does it grow
20.He didn’t tell me ______.
  A.how long he has married                 B.when he had been married to her
C.how long he had married with her           D.when he got married
21.We found that they _____the plan.
  A.have changed          B.are changing        C.had changed        D.were changed
22.Can you tell me ______?
A.who is that woman    B.who the woman is   C.whom is the woman    D.that woman is
23.John has a new car,I wonder _____it
  A.he got          B.when did he get       C.why he is getting         D.when he got
24.I’d like to know how many years ago_____.
  A.did your father retired  B.has your father retired  C.your father retired  D.your father had retired
25.We don’t know how_____in the park.
  A.the little boy got lost  B.did the little boy get lost  C.was the little boy lost  D.the little boy lost
26.I can’t remember_____to come here and get my bad teeth flxed.
  A.I have how many times  B.how many times have I  C.how many times will I have  D.how many times I have
27.I’d like to know_____tomorrow.
  A.if it would rain   B.how is the weather like  C.what the weather is like  D.if the weather be fine
28.—Is that your watch?      ---No,I can’t tell_____.
  A.whose is that watch  B.whose that watch is   C.whose watch is that    D.whose watch is
29.I wander how he_____that to this parents.
  A.dare to say        B.dared say          C.dares to say          D.not dare say
30.—I believe_____you have done your best and_____things will improve.  ---Thank you.
  A.that,/             B./,/                C.what,that            D./,that
31.Do you remember_____he came?      Yes,he came by car.
  A.how              B.when             C.that                 D.if
32.Can you tell me_____is the nearest way to the station?
  A.what             B.where             C.which               D.that
33.You’ll never know_____.
  A.where that I made the suit                B.where I had the suit made
C.where did I make the suit                 D.where I had the suit to make
34.These photos will show you_____.
A.what does our village look like             B.what our village looks like
  C.how does our village look like             D.how our village looks like
35.Can you make sure_____the gold ring?
  A.where Alice had put  B.where had Alice put   C.where Alice has put   D.where has Alice put
36.The house will be very cold.Make sure_____the hearer.
  A.you will light        B.you light        C.for lighting        D.lighting
37.He kept looking at the girl,wondering_____.
  A.where he has seen her before             B.where had he seen he before  
  C.where has he seen her before             D.where he had seen her before
38.Have you seen Li Ming recently? I wonder_____with his students.
  A.how long is he getting along              B.that he gets along will
  C.what he is getting along                  D.if he is getting along well
39.I wrote to him the day before yesterday. I wonder why he_____.
  A.didn’t ring up       B.hadn’t rung up       C.hasn’t rung up        D.doesn’t ring up
40.He ran back into the room to see if he_____anything behind.
  A.has forgotten       B.had forgotten         C.has left              D.had left
1.Energy is_____makes things work.
  A.what              B.anything           C.something            D.that
2.The mountain village is no longer_____it used to be.
  A.which             B.what              C.as                   D.who
3.The earth of today is not_____millions of years ago.
  A.what it was         B.that it was          C.it was                D.how it was like
4.---Where is my pen?      ---Oh,it’s_____you left it.
  A.there              B.where             C.there where           D.the plac
5.That’s_____nothing has yet been organized.
  A.why               B.what              C.where               D.that
6.The problem is_____we can finish the work within such a short time.
  A.that               B.why               C.how                 D.when
7.The trouble is_____we are short of hands.
  A.what              B.that               C.how                 D.why
8.The problem is _____will go.
  A.that              B.when               C.who                 D.whoever
9. “ Lily is often absent from school.”  “Yes,she is.That’s_____she is in bad health.”
  A.why              B.the reason           C.because              D.how
10.---I drove to Zhuhai for the air show last week. ---Is that_____you had a few days off?
  A.why              B.when               C.what                D.where
11.He broken down at last. I think it was_____he had overworked.
  A.the reason          B.that                C.for                 D.because
12.In this country, spring not summer is_____the temperature is the highest.
  A.when              B.why               C.how                 D.about
1.They told the policeman the fact_____they had nothing to do with the murder.
A.that               B.which               C.why                D.how
2. I have no idea_____thhey have kept in touch with each other by writing letters.
  A.what            B.how long              C.why             D.when
3.The news_____to Mount Tai during the summer holidays delighted us.
  A.we would go   B.which we would go   C.that we would go   D.would we go
4.The though_____he might fail in the exam worried him.
  A.which           B.that             C.when             D.so that
5. I have no idea_____
  A.whose is this bike  B.whose bike is this  C.whose this bike is  D.who’s the bike
6.The thought_____the thief must be hidden in the deep mountains proved to be right.
  A.whether          B.if              C.that               D.that why
7.The manager asked me the question_____ I would like to be his secretary.
  A.if               B.that             C.whether           D.how
8.We all know the truth_____knowledges is power.
  A.as               B.which           C.if                D.that
9.You have no idea_____for her safety.
  A.how anxious I have been B.so anxious I have been  C.how I have been anxious  D.I have been so anxious
1.It is necessary that a student_____part in some physical labor in the countryside.
  A.took            B.take         C.takes               D.will take
2.______knows the truth about it will tell you.
  A.Who            B.That       C.Whoever             D.That who
3.______that not all government officials are honest.
  A.It seems to me  B.My believeing is  C.In my opinion,I believe   D. I think in my mind     
4.______make too much difference how you are going to do it.
  A.It isn’t          B.It doesn’t      C.That doesn’t      D.What doesn’t
5.It is unusual that he______to school so early.
  A.goes           B.could go          C.go             D.will go
6.______ I was free that evening.
  A.It happened to   B.It happened that    C.That happened    D.It happened that
7.The ties are good in both quality and style,she knows that_____she chooses will match her husband.
  A.whatever         B.however          C.what            D.whichever
8.______you do should be good for the society.
  A.No matter what    B.Whatever         C.No matter how      D.However
9.Througout the world______advance has been made in science and technology is due to education which brings forth scientists and inventors.
  A.Whoever            B.That          C.What               D.Whatever
10.It suggested that the experiment______under low temperature.
  A.makes              B.is made        C.should be made       D.will be made
11._____is to do good to all one’s life and never do anything bad.
  A.Whichever is hard   B.No matter what is hard   C.What is hard   D.All what is hard
12.What a pity_____is_____you missed the wonderful football game.
  A.there,because         B.it,that         C.he,when           D.that,for
13._____proves that my advice is right.
  A.It will happen that  B.That has happened  C.What has happened  D.When it happens
1._____get such a book?
  A.Where do you think can I B.Do you think where can I  C.You think where I can  D.Where do you think I can  2._____do you wish you had more than anything else in the world?
  A.How               B.What           C.When             D.Where
3.He hasn’t come yet.What do you consider_____to him?
  A.happens            B.has happened     C.happening         D.to happen
4.—Where do you think______he_____the computer?  --Sorry, I have no idea.
  A./,bought            B.has,bought       C.did,buy           D.had,bought
5.When do you think_____visit her uncle?
  A.does she go to       B.she will go to     C.she goes          D.will she go to
6.Please give the book to_____wins the first prize.
  A.who               B.whom           C.whoever          D.whomever
7.The manager decided to give the job to_____he believed had a strong sense of duty.
  A.whoever            B.whomever       C.who              D.those
8. I stuck in this matter;you may ask_____knows better than I .
  A.whoever            B.whomever       C.anyone            D.the one
9. I’ll eat_____you give me.
  A.that                B.which           C.whatever          D.no matter which
10.I’m interested in_____he likes best.
  A.whoever            B.whenever        C.no matter who      D.no matter what
11.Don’t tell the news to_____.
  A.whoever you meet    B.whoever is it   C.whichever he wants     D.whoever wants
12. I believe_____leaves the office makes no difference.
  A.whoever            B.who          C.which                D.whichever
13.You can take_____measures you think good to deal with the problem.
  A.whatever            B.however      C.whichever             D.what
14.You may give the dictonary to_____you think needs it badly.
  A.whoever            B.whom        C.whichever              D.whoever
15.—It’s said that Hanna will give her old father a birthday party._____do you think she will invite?               ----“well, I know she’ll invite_____her father wants.”
  A.Who,whoever       B.Whom,whom   C.Who,who              D.Whom,who
16.The gentleman innsisted that he_____the wallet.
  A.had not seen         B.not see        C.would not see          D.did not see
17.The teacher demanded that our examination papers_____handed in at once.
  A.be                 B.must be        C.would be             D.had to be
18.The officer commanded that the wounded_____to hospital as soon as possible.
  A.would be sent         B.be sent          C.send               D.should send
19.They required that I _____at 8:00a.m.
  A.arrived              B.would arrive      C.were arriving        D.should arrive
20.The government proposes that something_____to get rid of air pollution.
  A.will be done          B.is done          C.should do           D.be done
21.His silence suggested that he_____our plan.
  A.should not agree    B.did not agree to    C.not agree to    D.would not agree with
22.I wish they_____in this ball game.
  A.would be succeeded  B.would be successful  C.had been success  D.had been succeeded
23.Do you know_____to that poor boy?
  A.which happened    B.that was happened    C.what’s happened    D.what have happened
24.No one knows exactly_____this important discovery was made.
  A.that         B.that how and when         C.how or why       D.how or when
25. I know nothing about the accident_____ I read in the newspaper.
  A.except for        B.except what         C.except             D.besides
26.Mr.Green goes to his office on foot every day_____it rains heavily.
  A.when            B.except             C.except when         D.but
27.The home improvements have taken_____little there is of my spare time.
  A.what             B.which             C.that                D.whose
28. I haven’t found my pen yet;in fact, I am not sure_____ I could have done with it.
  A.whether           B.where            C.how                D.what
29.He made_____quite clear that he wouldn’t change his mind.
  A.this               B.it                C.that                D.what
30. I remember_____this used to be a quiet village.
  A.when             B.how              C.where              D.what
1.She looked_____she were ten years younger.
  A.that              B.like               C.as                 D.as though
2.She looked_____she was going to cry.
  A.as if              B.like               C.that                D.whether
3.The problem is_____to take the place of Ted.
  A.who can we get     B.what we can get     C.who we can get       D.that we can get
4.What I asked him is_____the story happened.
  A.when and what    B.what and where       C.which and where      D.when and where
5.The problem is not_____we leave,but_____we can get there.
  A.when;how       B.when;where           C.how;which           D.where;when
6.What we need here_____two English teachers.
  A.is                B.are                C.was                 D.be
 7.The problem is_____we should do_____him.
  A.what,to help        B.that,and help       C.how,to help           D.why,and help
1.His suggestion_____to see the art exhibition interested every one of us.
  A.that we go    B.which we should go    C.that we would go    D.when we should go
2.He made a suggestion_____we should consider the plan more carefully.
  A.if                B.what               C.which               D.that
3.He made a suggestion that the child_____a second language.
  A.would be taught      B.be taught        C.should teach         D.ought to be taught
4.All agreed to his suggestion_____a bridge across the river_____.
  A.as,would be built     B.that,be built      C.so that,built     D.which,should be built
5.Word has come_____some visitors will come for a visit to our school next week.
  A.what             B.that              C.whether           D.when
6.Word came_____our team leader was wanted at the office.
  A.whether            B.that             C.why              D.which
7.The question came up at the meeting_____we had enough money for our research.
  A.that               B.which           C.wether             D.if
8.I have no ider_____the book is_____to your English study.
  A.whether,of much value  B.if,of great value  C.that,so valuable  D.how,very valuable
1._____was known to all that William had broken his promise_____he would give them a rise.
  A.As,which         B.What,that           C.It,that            D.It,which
2._____the old man’s sons wanted to know was_____the gold had been hidden.
  A.That,what        B.What,where          C.What,that         D.What,if
3._____ I can’t understand is_____he wants to change his mind.
  A.That,that         B.Which,how          C.What,what         D.What,why
4._____the workers insisted on was that they_____more pay.
  A.That,must be given   B.What,should give  C.What,be given   D.Whether,would be given
5._____we’ll succeed depends on_____we have enough courage.
  A.Whether,whether    B.If,if        C.Wether,if           D.If,whether
6.I’ll make friends with anyone_____shares my interest.
  A.whoever           B.who          C.whom           D.who else
7.Books are the most important records_____we keep_____man’s thoughts,ideas and defeats.
  A./,of              B.which,on         C.that,away          D./,in touch with
8.The day would come_____the people all over the world will stop polluting the environment.
  A.that              B.when           C.where             D.how
9.The boy dived into the water and after_____seemed to be a long time,he came up again.
  A.which            B.it             C.what             D.that
10.He is not the man_____he used to be.
  A.whom            B.who           C.that              D.what
11.How time flies.A little boy turn into a young man.Yes,it won’t be long_____he_____from university.
  A.when,will graduate   B.after,graduates    C.since,had graduated   D.before, graduates
12.This book will show you_____you’ve observed can be used in other foreign countries.
  A.how           B.how,what           C.that              D. how that
13.One of the men held the view_____the book said was right.
  A.that what       B.what that           C.that              D.all which
14._____was known to all that William had broken his promise_____he would give them a rise.
  A.As,which       B.What,that          C.It,that             D.It,which
15.—Why did you go to the wrong office,Mr.Black? –Well, I forgot____office I was____to go to.
  A.which,supposed   B.which,suggested    C.What,demanded     D.What,hoped
16.He was reading a novel_____the story reminded him of_____he had seen in the last war.
  A.that,what         B.when,what        C.whose,that          D.while.which
17._____happened to be no one in the building when the fire broke out.
  A.It               B.This             C.There              D.That
18.It was at the very beginning____Mr.Fox made the decision____we send more firefighters here.
A.when,which      B.when,that         C.then,so             D.that,that
19.The reason_____we are late is_____our car didn’t come.
  A.for,because       B.why,that          C.that,why            D.of,for